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(PAES) Utah Teacher Candidate Performance Assessment & Evaluation System

The PAES is a holistic evaluation system designed to evaluate teacher candidates’ performance across multiple clinical experiences (i.e., practicum, student teaching, internship). The PAES is intended to evaluate candidates’ growth from the beginning of their teacher preparation program through student teaching and graduation. The PAES measures candidates’ knowledge, skills, and professional dispositions across the ten Utah Effective Teaching Standards (UETS) using a four point Likert-scale: Not Effective (0), Beginning (1), Developing (2), and Preservice Effective (3)and two professionalism items using a dichotomous scale of Yes/No. The system asks evaluators to complete both formative assessments and summative evaluations on candidates’ performance while mentoring and coaching them to ensure they are prepared to enter the classroom as a first-year teacher. The PAES is much more than an observation instrument, it is a comprehensive tool for gathering evidence of candidates’ ability to put into practice all the knowledge, skills, and dispositions acquired during their preparation to be a classroom teacher, while providing mentor teachers and university supervisors diagnostic information for mentoring and coaching candidates.