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USBE Board Rule

Teacher licensure policies in Utah are governed by the Utah State Board of Education (USBE). BYU teacher educator programs are approved by the USBE to prepare candidates and make licensure recommendations. At BYU, graduation from a teacher preparator program and recommendation for licensure are linked. Candidates must meet all program (including university) and USBE requirements to graduate and receive licensure recommendation.

USBE policies outline general and specific competencies that teacher candidates must meet. State-approved programs have the capacity to create courses, clinical experiences, and assessments that measure these competencies. In certain cases, specific courses or assessments are required by Board Rule.

Teacher candidates are advised to meet regularly with program coordinators and academic advisors for current BYU assessments and policies for graduation and licensure.

Recent Updates

The USBE has implemented a requirement that all applicants for a professional teacher license in Utah must complete a state-approved pedagogical performance assessment, commonly known as a PPA. BYU has chosen to use the Pedagogical Performance Assessment of Teachers (PPAT) administered by ETS to comply with this policy. BYU fully implemented the PPAT in Fall 2021 semester. See Board Rule R277-301-5(6)(b).

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