Undergraduate Programs

David O. McKay School of Education

Program Majors Minors
Early Childhood Education Early Childhood Education - BS
Elementary Education Elementary Education - BS
Physical Education Teacher Education Physical Education Teaching/ Coaching - BS Physical Education Teaching/ Coaching
Special Education Special Education (Mild/Moderate) - BS
Special Education (Severe) - BS
Dual- Language Immersion K-12 Teaching

College of Engineering

Program Majors Minors
Technology & Engineering Education Technology & Engineering Education - BS

Family, Home, and Social Sciences

Program Majors Minors
Family and Comsumer Sciences Education Family and Comsumer Sciences Education - BS
History/Social Science Education History Teaching - BA History Teaching
Teaching Social Science - BS
Geography Teaching
Political Science Teaching

Fine Arts and Communication

Program Majors Minors
Art Education Art Education (K-12) - BA Art Education
Dance Education Dance Education (K-12) - BA
Music Education Music Education (K-12 General Music Specialist) - BM
Music Education (K-12 Choral) - BM
Music Education (K-12 Instrumental) - BM
Theatre and Media Arts Education Theatre and Media Arts Education (K-12) - BA


Program Majors Minors
English Teaching English Teaching - BA English Teaching
French Teaching French Teaching - BA French Teaching
German Teaching German Teaching - BA German Teaching
Latin Teaching Latin Teaching - BA Latin Teaching
Spanish Teaching Spanish Teaching - BA Spanish Teaching
Portuguese Teaching
Chinese Teaching
Japanese Teaching
Russian Teaching

Life Sciences

Program Majors Minors
Biology Education Biological Science Education - BS
School Health Education School Health Education

Physical and Mathematical Sciences

Program Majors Minors
Math Education Mathematics Education - BS Mathematics Education
Physical Sciences Chemistry Education - BS Chemistry Education
Earth and Space Science Education - BS
Physics Teaching - BS Physics Teaching
Teaching Physical Science - BS
Geology Teaching
Computer Science Teaching