Your Link to Becoming an Educator

The mYlink system is a web-based knowledge management system designed to support educator preparation programs to prepare high quality educators, while facilitating continuous program improvement and renewal. The system was designed by the BYU Educator Preparation Program (EPP), which is comprised of the teaching majors, teaching minors, and graduate programs housed in seven of the BYU colleges (i.e., CFAC, CPMS, ENG, FHSS, HUM, LS, MSE) that prepare educators to work in the P-12 school system.

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The system was designed to support education candidates (students) to navigate the requirements for their education major, minor, or graduate program from admissions to graduation and licensure. Program faculty, staff, and advisors use the system to facilitate candidate learning and preparation to work in P-12 school systems.

The mYlink system provides the EPP with the supporting data and evidence necessary to maintain state program approval and CAEP national accreditation. The system helps facilitate the monitoring or tracking of candidate progress through their education preparation program which is broken into four major transitions:

  • Transition 1: Admissions
  • Transition 2: Pre-clinical
  • Transition 3: Clinical
  • Transition 4: Alumni

The mYlink system uses a checklist approach to managing the tasks that student, faculty, and staff users must complete on a semester basis. Some of the major tasks relate to a candidate's application and admission to an educator preparation program, assignments and assessments, field experiences, and graduation and licensure. The mYlink system is accessed by mentor teachers and administrators that mentor and evaluate BYU student educators while completing field and/or clinical experiences.