Utah Preservice Teacher Observation Protocol (UPTOP)

The UPTOP is an instrument used to evaluate the performance of a teacher candidate during practicum and student teaching/internship experiences. During a practicum experience, a university supervisor will evaluate the candidate. During student teaching or an internship, a university supervisor and mentor teacher will evaluate the candidate’s performance.

Teacher Work Sample (TWS)

The TWS is an instrument designed to provide evidence of a teacher candidates’ ability to facilitate effective learning in the classroom. The TWS is a cumulative project submitted by a teacher candidate during student teaching/internship.

Professional and Interpersonal Behavior Rating Scale (PIBS)

The PIBS assessment is an instrument designed to measure candidates’ professionalism and competence in the work place. A PIBS assessment can be completed by a candidate, a mentor teacher, and/or a university supervisor. Some programs may require a PIBS. Math education requires a PIBS for admission to the program, during practicum, and student teaching/internship.

Candidate Dispositional Scales (CDS)

The CDS assessment is an instrument designed to measure a candidate’s Locus of Control, Aspirations, and competency with Diversity. Candidates may complete the CDS at admissions and exit from the program. Math Education and Special Education require a CDS for admissions and during student teaching/internship.