Utah Teacher Candidate Performance Assessment & Evaluation System (PAES)

The PAES is an instrument used to evaluate the performance of a teacher candidate during practicum and student teaching/internship experiences. During a practicum experience, a university supervisor will evaluate the candidate. During student teaching or an internship, a university supervisor and mentor teacher will evaluate the candidate’s performance.

Due Dates:

  • Practicum = Last Friday of the placement
  • Student Teachers:
    • 4/10 Split = 4th Friday of Semester
    • 4/10 Split = 13th Friday of Semester
    • 10/4 Split = 10th Friday of Semester
    • 10/4 Split = 14th Friday of Semester
    • Full 14 Week = 13th Friday of Semester
  • Interns = 2nd - 4th Friday of Spring Term

Renaissance Teacher Work Sample (RTWS)

The RTWS is a summative, capstone performance assessment that is candidate driven, wherein candidates are expected to provide credible evidence of their ability to facilitate student learning by meeting the seven RTWS standards. Successful candidates will own the process while being supported by mentors (i.e., teacher education faculty, university supervisors, mentor teachers) using a Cognitive Coaching (Costa & Garmston, 2002) and Cognititve Apprenticeship (Rogoff, 1990) model so that candidates become self-directed learners.
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Due Dates:

  • RTWS = 11th Friday of Semester

Professional and Interpersonal Behavior Rating Scale (PIBS)

The PIBS assessment is an instrument designed to measure candidates’ professionalism and competence in the work place. A PIBS assessment can be completed by a candidate, a mentor teacher, and/or a university supervisor. Some programs may require a PIBS. Math education requires a PIBS for admission to the program, during practicum, and student teaching/internship.

Candidate Dispositional Scales (CDS)

The CDS assessment is an instrument designed to measure a candidate’s Locus of Control, Aspirations, and competency with Diversity. Candidates may complete the CDS at admissions and exit from the program. Math Education and Special Education require a CDS for admissions and during student teaching/internship.


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